Product Logtally

Logtally, our flagship product epitomises our motto. With Logtally, we help growing logistics companies to tap into their fullest potential, to leverage technology to make their processes smoother and more automated. We want these companies to be able to focus on the more important tasks and leave most of their daily operational chores to our software.

After long discussions and plenty of brain-storming with industry veterans, IT specialists and logistics consultants across the country, we arrived at a common platform. This platform is Logtally, a place where all enterprises not currently equipped with technological intervention can finally leverage on the latest & greatest tech.

Logtally covers all aspects required by an everyday logistics firm – be it a broker, a logistics company or even a fleet management enterprise. We have it all. The best part is, we can customize our product even further to meet any special requirements of our clients.

Good, bad or indifferent, if you are not investing in new technology, you are going to be left behind.

  • Philip Green.
    There are over 1,80,000 emerging logistics companies in India today, most of whom cannot afford the average price of a comprehensive technological solution to help ease their business and improve efficiency and increase automation. This is where we come in, various subject matter experts (veteran logisticians, IT specialists, strategy & financial consultants) have come together to lend their expertise and create a unique product, one which has tremendous potential in today’s logistics market – Logtally.

Logtally – our flagship product, is changing the way growing logistics companies do business, by adding automation, improving visibility, accountability, efficiency, and by leveraging sophisticated modern technologies, all packaged into an affordable, use as you go solution.