We are the leading ecommerce solutions provider that deliver ecommerce solutions using different shopping cart platforms. We also provide ecommerce consulting services which are backed by years of experience. Our ecommerce consultants and developers maintain rigorous standards for agile development and streamlined processes.

                                                              Consulting SME

⠀Every ecommerce business is unique, but there are patterns and shortcuts that apply across many, there are principles that can be used to measure and grow results across different ecommerce sites, and there are common pitfalls that may be avoided. KalmTech can help you pick up some of these skills & experience, reduce cost and lower risk by bringing in the skills.

As part of every ecommerce project that KalmTech undertakes, we consult on a range of topics to ensure that our clients get the most out of their ecommerce sites and connecting commercial channels. All of our ecommerce consultants are highly knowledgeable, experienced & specialists in the field. They understand exactly what it is that makes the best ecommerce sites tick and can help navigate merchants to shape the ideal ecommerce solution, meeting both their current and future needs. We pride ourselves on cultivating strong, long term relationships with our clients that produce stunning results. Working in partnership with our clients we nail down all of the unknowns, assumptions, expectations, any variables, business processes, and areas of risk to ensure a smooth implementation. Working together we will define and agree the project timescales, deliverables & amp; phases as part of the consultancy.


KalmTech delivers an efficient custom eCommerce store development services and eCommerce development solutions along with a huge list of offerings including extensions development, theme customisation and maintenance services. Furthermore, our company offers systematic and organised solutions for clients with E-commerce sites. KalmTech can deliver multiple capabilities to eCommerce sites, based on current trends of the market.

With its experienced E-commerce developers and professionals on board, who keep in touch with the current trends of the industry, KalmTech can take your site framework for better performance easily to a next level. The company has repeatedly instil a sense of structure to every client’s growing business, and even propelled lesser-known sites to fame and fortune, using its collective expertise of the online world.


Agile support team

KalmTech’s team of talented support personnel are there to assist clients with on-going changes to their sites. Our support personnel are backed up by our expert ecommerce consultants, allowing KalmTech to deliver well thought through changes that will deliver real business benefit.

Ad-hoc changes to sites run through KalmTech's priority support system and are tackled by our agile support team on a first come, first served basis. For larger change requests, projects and refreshes, one of KalmTech’s consultants will work with you to define and document the requirements, ensuring that all changes are well planned and thought through in the context of your ecommerce solution.